About Us

About Us

SIAM LED LIGHTS is a high-end private enterprise with the integration of R&D, production, sales. We specialize in high power LED Lighting . Through our continuous endeavor in R&D we have invented New LED Lights with various patent (applied for), with excellent performance of Thermal Management which is very core sector of LED design matter.

SIAM LED LIGHTS are a smart innovation in the future of lighting. They provide simple and lasting lighting solutions to the user. Advanced technology, energy efficiency and durability put SIAM LED lights years ahead, giving it a clear edge in today’s market. Every LED Lights made by SIAM LED is crafted to meet global standards. SIAM LED lights not only have the right technology, they also perform with ease. They are developed specially to optimize their output, outshining many other lights in the market. SIAM LED lights are superior quality lights products, priced fairly, and offer 2 years warranty.

SIAM LED LIGHTS offer a wide range of international quality LED lighting solutions, for varied applications providing effective and energy-efficient lighting in any environment. Their usage ranges from residential and retail to commercial and industrial applications. SIAM LED Lights are fully integrated into the systematic structure of the overall lighting product range. This allows lighting designers the freedom to use LED lighting tools and seamlessly combine them with conventional products. As the future unfolds, SIAM LED will play a pivotal role in shifting lighting usage from power-hungry conventional and CFL lighting to LEDs - a process, we hope will take the country and our world light years ahead.

We offer

Light Quality
Eco-friendly bulbs are known to give harsh and unflattering light. SIAM is here to change that. Now, have the best of both worlds with our new-generation LED lights. SIAM lamps give soft and warm light, illuminating your space with style.

LED Lights for Smart Living
SIAM Lamps are made for the modern home. It fits into all your existing sockets and can be used most anywhere you would use a standard incandescent.

SIAM LED Lights are an innovation. They were made to replace the regular incandescent lamps effectively. And they do they do their job well.

Turn a green crusader with SIAM LED
We have a win-win situation here. SIAM LED Lamps consume less energy and therefore your electricity bills go down drastically. By making the change to SIAM, you are helping reduce the demand for new power plants that wreak havoc on the environment.. Who knew that doing good could be so effortless and rewarding?

The super power bulb
SIAM LED bulbs are a very different from other energy-efficient bulbs. They are not designed with Mercury. And what does that mean to you? Mercury contained in other energy-efficient bulbs may pose a threat to you when they break and to the earth when they are disposed off. Being a responsible citizen of the universe was never this easy!

The Interior designer’s favorite
The SIAM LED Lamps are designed to flatter your walls. These bulbs are carefully crafted to add an aesthetic appeal to your interior spaces.

The brightest bulb idea
The SIAM LED Lamp is a remarkable piece of digital technology. Powered by a unique driver, and combined with most technically advanced cooling system, this bulb is meant for the modern home and office.

Functionality comes first
The sculpted curves of the SIAM LED Lamp don't only look good – they're also highly functional. With a metal base that disperses heat and an intelligent system that continually monitors the bulb's temperature, our LEDs never get too hot – allowing them to last for thousands of hours.

The bulb that pays for itself
Save energy and money with SIAM LED Lamps. Get an average of Rs.1000 over the lifetime of each bulb. SIAM LED Lamp’s self-cooling technology reduces energy consumption. This means that these lights need only a fraction of the power used by a normal incandescent light. This means that your electrical bills will no longer burn a hole in your pocket.

Fix a SIAM Lamp and forget about it!
The SIAM LED Lamp is quite a lifesaver. Its average working capacity is 25,000hours! So replacing the lamp is almost out of question.

How does it work?
The driver in the base of the SIAM LED Lamps delivers power to the LED chips, which are mounted inside the glass globe. As with all LED bulbs, this system generates heat. However, LEDs need to be kept cool to operate properly and have a long life – which is why SIAM LED has developed a patented liquid cooling system to disperse the heat, keeping the LED chips cool and the bulb shining brightly and consistently. The liquid cools the LEDs by natural convection, moving heat out to the glass globe. The aluminum base, or heat sink, contributes by keeping the driver cool, as well as additional cooling of the LEDs.

How long does it last?
The SIAM LED Lamps specifies an average lifecycle of 25,000 hours, which, with the average residential usage, will last over 22 years.

How do you calculate the lifespan of 50,000 hours
No guesswork here – the SIAM LED Lamps lifespan is very carefully measured and calculated according to common standards developed by the Energy Star program and professional lighting engineering organizations. The standard for the test methodology is called IES LM80. We perform our testing using nationally certified testing laboratories so we can be confident in our results.

What is the warranty?
We offer a 2-year warranty on all of our products to the commercial user and residential user.

How long does it take to install it?
As fast as you can unscrew your old incandescent or CFL bulb, you can screw a SIAM LED Lamps in. Some things just don’t change.

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